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An Alternative Reading of Fiber Optic Connector

Being a part of the fiber patch cable, the fiber optic connector is utilized to achieve accurate and precise connections of the fiber ends. Now there are many kinds of fiber optic connectors in the market, such as ST, FC, SC, LC and so on (as shown in the following figure). Since the fiber cable transmits pulses of light instead of electrical signals, it is important to choose a ...



Fiber Patch Cable Selection Guide for 40G QSFP+ Transceivers

It is known to us that fiber patch cables are often used with fiber optic transceivers to accomplish connections between switches. And the quality of these connections can largely affect the reliability and stability of the whole 40G network. This applies in 40G transmission network as well. Fiber patch cable is a big issue to 40G not only because the switch connections necessity,...


MTP/MPO Cables—An Ideal Solution for High-Density Cabling

For various reasons, the data quantity transmitted worldwide is growing exponentially and the need for ever-greater bandwidths continues unabated. Though the current data volumes demanded in backbone cabling can still be handled with 10 GbE, the forecast trends will require the introduction of the next technologies, 40 GbE and 100 GbE (Figure 1). Therefore, data centers must...


Basics of Fiber Patch Cord

Being a fiber optic cable terminated with fiber optic connectors on both ends, the fiber patch cord is used for linking the equipment and components in fiber optic network. Fiber patch cord is also known as fiber optic jumper, fiber optic patch cable, fiber optic patch lead etc. There are many kinds of fiber patch cords with different connectors and cables.

Fiber Patch Cords...



DACs and AOCs—Two Important Roles in 40G Migration

It is well known that 1G and 10G data rates are not adequate to meet the future needs of high-bandwidth applications. Thus 40G and 100G Ethernet are the inevitable trends in the future. And as the market for 40G Ethernet will grow faster than 100G Ethernet in the mid-term for practical reasons, products for 40G Ethernet such as 40G QSFP+ transceivers, 40G QSFP+ direct attach...